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Our in-home private dining experiences are

With an emphasis on innovation, custom curated menus, locally sourced ingredients, and premium accent decor, we aim to create an unforgettable experience. Whether your palette calls for New American, Modern Italian, Mediterranean or Omakase, our critically-acclaimed chefs will take you on an unforgettable journey of the senses.

our chefs


With thirteen years of experience as a private chef and a long family history in the hospitality space, Chef Marnee finds passion in food and flavor. 

Upon graduating from the French Culinary Institute with a specialization in Pastry Arts, she has worked for Peter Callahan Catering, Hamptons Art of Eating, Rebecca Gardner from Houses & Parties, as well as boutique catering for Clafoutis. 

Her cooking style is rustic and farm-to-table modern American with an emphasis on seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients with beautiful pops of color.  

Chef Marnee

Modern Farm-to-Table

With an extensive background in the restaurant business, Chef James is critically acclaimed by Newsday for his restaurant, Sushi Ko, which has been rated one of the top ten sushi establishments in Long Island. 

Chef James has a passion for constant innovation and perfection, combining the traditional methods of Omakase with modern influences. Omakase translates to “I leave it up to you” allowing the Client to entrust the Chef to provide the best seasonal selections of food piece by piece. Sourcing the highest quality seafood directly from Japan, the Omakase experience with Chef James is one for the senses.  

Chef James


will require a consultation.

Custom Event Design

 can be booked instantly. 

Custom Event Design

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The Process

For those seeking a more effortless and fully encompassing experience, we offer an all-inclusive option which includes an in-home private chef, custom curated menu, service, tabletop rentals and florals. 

For those who enjoy the planning, you have the option to book any of our chefs a la carte

Our private dining services can be experienced in two ways. 

In-home private chef, custom curated menu, service, tabletop rentals, decor, florals, full setup and breakdown. 

/ Bachelorette Outdoor Garden Party
/ Traditionally Designed Omakase 
/ Custom Event Design

Effortless All-Inclusive

Package 01

In-home private chef, custom curated menu, service, full setup and breakdown only.

A la Carte Dining

Package 02

—Gina Colarusso

“ They were excellent!! The food was amazing; the team was super accommodating, kind, and communicative throughout; and they created the most dreamy picnic set-up for our dinner. An unforgettable experience. ”

I cannot recommend the Wisp & Wild team enough

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